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Hard Surface Line Marking including using Acrylic Paint:  
Car parks, Roads, Tarmac courts, Playgrounds. Headers, directional arrows, bays- Plus Anti Slip Coatings. For one off’s to service contracts, where a set programme of work can be processed and covers a large spectrum of features. 

We cover Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire, and Gloucestershire.

In particular our Hard Surface Line Marking smaller machine can be used pretty much anywhere such as. Car Park line marking, Warehouse marking, Health and Safety areas, Sports court marking, Airport line marking, Cycle paths, Pedestrian walk ways. With industry standard marking symbols. 

We also offer: Weed control, Moss removal, jet washing, tarmac painting, grass cutting and hedge trimming. And be packaged of an annual service, or just as a one off.


AMW Site services have been providing facilities maintenance and line marking for over 20 years around the UK for both private and Commercial Customers. For Sports pitch marking, with our Laser guided marker Click Here Seasonal daily grounds care examples include: Winter = leaf clearance, moss removal, tree surgery. Spring and summer = Grass cutting, weed control, line marking, moss spraying, border care and planting.

Line Marking Car parks, Junctions, Roads, Over marking, Safety, Covid

More environmentally friendly and longer lasting Line marking Services.
Acrylic Paint “AP” Instead of traditional Chlorinated Rubber ”CR”

  • Nearly 50% less VOC evaporated into the atmosphere
  • AP Touch dry: 5 minutes @ 15⁰C VS CR 2 hours
  • Walk on time: 10 minutes @ 15⁰C
  • Traffic time: 20 minutes @ 15⁰C VS CR 24 Hours @ 20°C
  • Full cure: 60 minutes @ 15⁰C VS CR 7 – 14 days @ 20 °C

Features and Benefits: Thin coat application – next to no build-up compared to thermoplastic. Great for refreshing thermoplastic road lines. Bright white colour – Excellent line brightness, safer for road users. High bead retention – Long life reflectivity and increased line marking durability. Fast application – Speedy application via airless spray, spray marking machine Excellent substrate adhesion – High bond strength to substrate and thermoplastic Increased solids – Increased durability and colour retention. Cold Lay Highways paint instead of traditional Thermoplastic Features and Benefits:

  • Very hard wearing – lasts at least 3 times as long as thermoplastic
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and cementitious surfaces
  • BSI approved for highway use
  • Very fast cure time to allow rapid re-opening of areas to traffic
  • White is retro-reflective; all colours can have reflective beads added
  • Solvent-free formula
  • Global Warming Potential savings of 42%!

Here is a breakdown of some of our other services you find of use:

Grass cutting, Hedge cutting, Shrub care, Weed control, Litter picking, Bulk waste removal, Pest Control
Site Security, Landscaping, High reach gutter cleaning, Jet washing / moss removal – slabs & block paving
Car park maintenance, Signage and road marking, Signage cleaning, Dilapidation repairs and full refits
Bus Stop cleaning, Road sign cleaning services.