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Grounds Care Maintenance Services West Midlands, based in Stratford upon Avon

Professional grounds care maintenance services encompass a wide range of activities designed to enhance the appearance and functionality of outdoor spaces. These services often include grass cutting, high reach gutter cleaning, litter picking, car park maintenance, signage and window cleaning, hedge cutting, weed control, planting, and pest control.

Grass cutting is a fundamental aspect of grounds care, as it maintains a neat and tidy appearance while promoting healthy grass growth. High reach gutter cleaning is essential for preventing water damage and maintaining the integrity of buildings. Litter picking and car park maintenance contribute to a clean and welcoming environment for visitors. Window cleaning and signage maintenance ensure that the property’s exterior surfaces and communication materials are well-maintained.

Hedge cutting and weed control are vital for managing plant growth and preventing overgrowth that can detract from the overall aesthetics. Planting services allow for the introduction of new greenery, seasonal flowers, and landscaping features to enhance the outdoor environment. Finally, pest control measures safeguard against infestations that can compromise the health and safety of the property.

AMW have been providing grounds maintenance services for over 21 years around the UK for both private and public sectors. We look after a varied mix of commercial property types including, Retail parks, Industrial estates, Trading Estates, offices Private housing estates, and High street retail courtyards.

Here is a breakdown of standard groundscare services:

  • Grass cutting, High reach gutter cleaning, Litter picking, Car park maintenance, Signage & Window cleaning, Hedge cutting, Weed control, Planting, Pest control

Seasonal daily grounds care examples include:

Winter = leaf clearance, Litter picking, foot path moss removal, checking high-viz painted areas for safety, rodent control, drain checking and clearing, tree surgery, gutter clearing, Vacant property checks, external car park light repairs, internal unit refits and repairs, just to cover the basics.

Spring and summer = Grass cutting, hedge trimming, weed control, line marking, concrete and tarmac repairs, litter picking, moss spraying, border care and planting, vacant property checks, external roof and cladding repairs, internal unit refits and repairs.

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Grounds Maintenance midlands

Grounds Care

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